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New Album Release Date : FURYON – Official Website

New Album Release Date

Furyon 2015

UK rockers FURYON will release their second album, “Lost Salvation“, on February 23 via Dream Records in UK/EUROPE.  What’s to be expected is more explosive guitar riffs and solos in well-crafted song form. Expressive vocal delivery and melodies to scream along to. A possibly darker album still with progressive elements and a grungy edge. US/CANADA/JAPAN release date to follow.

Lost Salvation” was recorded in Atlanta, US and Brighton, UK and mixed and produced by Rick Beato (Shinedown, Fozzy) & Ken ‘GL’ Lanyon. The album artwork was designed by Matthew Vickerstaff of Darkwave Art & Design (Textures, Pentagram, Bloodbath, etc.).

Furyon Lost Salvation

Lost Salvation” track listing:

01. All That I Have
02. Lost Salvation
03. These Four Walls (official video)
04. Scapegoat
05. Resurrect Me
06. Left It With The Gods
07. Good Sky
08. Dematerialize
09. What You Need
10. Wiseman

Pre-Order links:

Amazon UKhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Lost-Salvation-Furyon/dp/B00SHGI69Q
Amazon DEhttp://www.amazon.de/Lost-Salvation-Furyon/dp/B00SHGI69Q
Amazon UShttp://www.amazon.com/Lost-Salvation-Furyon/dp/B00SHGI69Q
Amaozn EShttp://www.amazon.es/Lost-Salvation-Furyon/dp/B00SHGI69Q
Amazon FRhttp://www.amazon.fr/Lost-Salvation-Furyon/dp/B00SHGI69Q
Amazon JPhttp://www.amazon.co.jp/Lost-Salvation-Furyon/dp/B00SHGI69Q
HMV JPhttp://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/6235983
Diskunion JPhttp://diskunion.net/metal/ct/detail/HMHR150127-401
CeDe UKhttp://www.cede.de/en/music/?branch_sub=1&view=detail&id=1224200
JPC DEhttps://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/furyon-lost-salvation/hnum/6786873
WOM DEhttp://wom.de/poprock/detail/-/art/furyon-lost-salvation/hnum/6786873
CeDe DEhttp://www.cede.de/de/music/?branch_sub=1&view=detail&id=1224200
CeDe FRhttp://www.cede.de/fr/music/?branch_sub=1&view=detail&id=1224200
CeDe IThttp://www.cede.de/it/music/?branch_sub=1&view=detail&id=1224200
CDON EUhttp://cdon.eu/music/furyon/lost_salvation-31837000
CDON SEhttp://cdon.se/musik/furyon/lost_salvation-31837000
GINZA SEhttp://www.ginza.se/product/furyon/lost-salvation/272224
CDON DKhttp://cdon.dk/musik/furyon/lost_salvation-31837000
CDON FIhttp://cdon.fi/musiikki/furyon/lost_salvation-31837000
CDON NOhttp://cdon.no/musikk/furyon/lost_salvation-31837000

First quotes/reviews:

Furyon have come along way since “Gravitas“, “Lost Salvation” is not only remarkable, it’s herculean! I hope “Lost Salvation” sees the band reach the zenith they so richly deserve! Score: 9.5/10 (The Metal Gods Meltdown)

Die Modern Rock Ecke hat hier definitiv neue Helden. Auch der traditionelle Hard Rocker könnte aber durchaus mit der modernisierten Variation des Genres was anfangen. 4.5/5 (Metal Underground AT)

Is all killer & no filler. This is already a contender for album of the year. If this record isn’t the making of FURYON then there is some sort of conspiracy theory in place. I heartily recommend seeing this band live. Ratings 9/10 (My Global Mind)

Verdict time now and I had a feeling that I would enjoy this new album from FURYON and my feeling was right as it’s just as good as their amazing debut if not better! Highly recommended if you like Hard Rock and Melodic Heavy Metal music. Almost perfect: 9/10 (Metal Temple)

This new track is a monstrous modern melodic heavy rock stuff that features a massive riffing and Matt Mitchell’s superb vocal performances. For sure, this is a great appetizer of what’s to expect from FURYON‘s brand new work. Well done. Rating : 8,5/10 (Heavy Paradise)

Bei der Dichte an guten Songs fällt es schwer Anspieltipps zu nennen, aber interessierten Hard Rock / Melodic Metal Fans würde ich die folgenden Songs empfehlen: “These Four Walls“, das groovende “Scapegoat“ und das schnelle “Wiseman“. Empfehlung! 17/20 (Musik An Sich)

Furyon Lost Salvation


Matt Mitchell – Vocals
Alex “Nickel” Bowen – Bass
Lee Farmery – Drums
Luca Faraone – Guitars
Tiago Rosado – Guitars